Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To all of the big shots out there...

Well, all of you who are think you're big shots anyway. You're bugging me. Here's some things you need to learn:

-I will NOT hang up on a customer to answer your call on the other line. Try calling your real assistant for the things you need?

-I don't bus tables. When you spill something while eating lunch, YOU can clean it up.

-Do you have to make everything sound like the end of the world? So what if you have to wait 60 seconds for something to print out?

-You have a trash can in your office. Stop making me come get your garbage to put in my trash can.

-Do you not know how to change your own oil and rotate your own tires?

One last question...

-How did you ever become a "bigshot" without me?

"The girl at the front desk"


Michelle said...

do you ever feel like pam from the office when you have to deal with weirdos while working at the front desk? I'm glad your new job is working out though! And how did you get your picture at the top so big? It looks great! I can't figure out how to do it

Cortney said...

i was thinking the exact same thing about feeling like pam working there.. sorry some people are lame!