Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little things

Little missy fell asleep during the football game on Saturday and we were cracking up at her position. She even slept through our screaming and excitement over Mitchell's touchdown!! Go Cougars!

Guys, this is half the kolache recipe. I had extra dough so I also busted out some cinnamon rolls. My first time ever, and I must say they were YUMMY.

I ordered fabric samples from and waited 2 weeks for them to come. Ridiculous. And then when they did, one of them was wrong! Hint: I did not order the elephant one. I was not happy.

What is it with babies and doorstops? Also, HE'S CRAWLING. This was the only picture I got from his first real crawls, since I got mostly video.

Millie's solution for helping me move a pile of laundry to the washer.

We've had nice cooler weather this week! Can't wait for more park adventures with these kiddos.

Max wasn't thrilled about his first swing, but he endured it.


Britt Hanson said...

Crawling!! How crazy! Abe is getting close :)

Laura said...

Post your Kolache recipe or email it to me - I'm dying to try it out myself! I miss kolaches so bad!

Marissa said...

I second Laura's kolache recipe request!