Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A lot of little things

Dinglehopper hazards

Making grape kabobs

We loved spending time with Garrett, McKenna, and Mitchell while they were here!

After Garrett and McKenna's open house. Millie loves McKenna!

Millie rolled off of her bed one night and her eye hit the corner of a basket that was too close. Poor girl. 

This "Imagination Magnets" set is a huge hit at our house!

I really should get on the ball and make this kid his own hat, but for now we survive with pink hand-me-downs.

Bundled up for a jump on the trampoline.

Lots of bubble baths lately

For some reason, this was the most delicious turkey sandwich ever. I love croissants. Excuse the shredded cheese! 

Before I cleaned out the garage and made space for our new bike trailer, these two loved to sit in it and go for rides around the house (it also has a detachable wheel in the front and can be used as a jogging stroller). We can't wait to use it outside!

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Katie said...

So cute. Love the dinglehopper pic. Sounds like something that could happen at my house.