Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Tyler's busy season is in full swing! I think we are all handling it well - better than last year. There's something about not being 8-9 months pregnant that just makes everything more bearable. We have made really good use of our Friday and Saturday nights together, and just having a plan has made a big difference. We'll spend a few days here and there with my family so we can play with them and so Tyler doesn't always have to drive so far so late at night. 

We have set some goals as a family and individually and we're having fun working on them!

We are finally making progress with Millie being completely potty trained! This cookie was a prize that she was really excited about.

I have joined the rest of the world and used January as a month to get organized. It's cliche but it feels really good to get everything cleaned up and put away after Christmas. The picture above may not look super organized and pretty, but it's a big improvement! I've been going through long-neglected areas of the house and getting rid of what we don't use or need and organizing the rest. It feels great.

Excuse the blurry picture, but this was the best I got of Max standing by himself! He has great balance but doesn't have much interest in walking yet. He had no idea he was standing on his own and once he figured it out, he lowered himself down very slowly. Funny boy. 

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Katie said...

Okay, from your blog and Facebook, I can tell both our girls are putting/put up a fight about going number two in the potty. How did you make progress with it??? Eva FINALLY went but now won't go again because she said she's already done that. I'm so sick of wasting pull-ups for her to go number two especially now that she's almost completely potty trained for number one. Help me!!!