Monday, January 19, 2015

Millie turns 3!

Millie had a great 3rd birthday! 

She helped make her own cupcakes (because she wanted to)

The weather was beautiful so we spent the morning outside. Love her static-y hair

Monka and Jane came our way and we went to McDonald's - AKA "the pwaypwace" - for lunch. Millie didn't eat anything and played the entire time. Typical.

After lunch Millie begged to go to Monka's house. We weren't really planning on it but how do you say no to a request like that on her birthday?? So to Monka's we went.

She was much too shy to blow out her own candles. Just like last year.

After we got home, Gigi and Poppy came by and showered her with gifts, most of which you can see in this picture. Millie was cracking up when I put her new glass slipper on. "You're just like Anastasia, Mommy!"

I even let her stay up late enough (so late!) to see Daddy and share some cake with him.

We had a little family gathering the following Sunday and had one of the only meals she eats - French toast with strawberries. It was a fun evening and it reminded me that I love hosting. Millie is one loved little girl.

Probably my favorite moment: We're all waiting for Millie to blow out her candles and Max belches!

Gotta love the pink streamers! Millie's one request was to have a pink party, so Daddy made sure there was pink everywhere.

Some things about Millie at 3 years old:

-Obviously, still obsessed with all things princess. She got some dressups for Christmas and her bday and she is always dressed as someone. Whenever she is dressed as Elsa, I get to be Anna. She always asks, "So what should we do today Anna?" Her imagination is so fun.

-Millie is officially not napping anymore! She will still fall asleep if she's in her room, so we're not yet at the phase of having quiet time alone.

-She loves her playgroup on Fridays and talks about Kinley and Paisley all the time.

-At her 3 year checkup, she was in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

-We're still working on being fully potty trained and on eating. Millie is one strong-willed little girl!

-Her prayers are hilarious. The other night she thanked Heavenly Father for her princesses and then whispered to us like a side note, "Heavenly Father likes princesses!"

-She is such a good big sister to Max. She gets so excited when he wakes up and loves to play with him.

We love our Millie Mae!


Britt Hanson said...

She is so cute!

Lindsay said...

She is such a pretty little princess! :) Glad she had such a fun birthday. I love your house, Cam! You've done such a good job decorating it. I think she's right, Heavenly Father does like princesses! All of His daughters. :)