Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Max at 9 months

I guess Max is almost 10 months now but oh well. 

Some things about Max at 9ish months:

-He loves balls! He got a basketball, football, and soccer ball for Christmas. He chases them around the house all day.

-Max loves to rearrange the furniture, specifically the kitchen chairs and stools. 

-Max loves his sister! He is a good sport when she makes him wear funny hats or princess crowns and he follows her around everywhere. He loves Millie so much.

-He has the cutest laugh, but more often than laughing he gives us this little chuckle that sounds like vibrato. It's the funniest sound ever. He does it mostly when he's excited.

-He doesn't know how to hold his own bottle yet, but it's kind of funny what he does instead!

-Watching Max eat is the greatest thing. He still eats everything he can, but strawberries and bananas give him a diaper rash. He loves all fruit and will pretty much drop whatever else is in his hand to grab it.

-He is starting to dance, which is hilarious.

-Max's 9 month stats: 22 lbs 5 oz (86%ile), 29.75" (90%ile), 18.7" head circumference (97%ile). Still our big boy, but slowing down the exponential growth. Thank goodness - my arms and back can't take much more!

We love our Max boy!

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