Thursday, March 5, 2015

All things Millie

Millie is at such a fun age! Her latest catch phrase is "Don't worry about it." "I just put in a movie, don't worry about it, Mom." I came in the playroom to find a hat she had unraveled and she said, "It was just getting too long, so I fixed it. Don't worry about it." 

Sharing and playing nicely is a constant battle, especially when having to share her own stuff. Her little playgroup was at our house on Friday and the only accurate comparison that comes to mind is The Hunger Games. It was so funny in some ways but so troubling in others! It feels like we're having to work on it and talk about it pretty constantly. 

Millie is so self-entertaining, which I love about her. I was in church with the kids myself on Sunday and she just sat there and colored for almost the whole first hour! 

I put Millie's hair into a bun (or a ball, as Millie calls it) and this is how it looked when it came out. So cute!

She has been asking to snuggle more lately, which I don't mind at all. It usually just means she's tired and wants to sleep!

Lookin' out the window, wishing we had popcorn popping on our tree.

Which of course turned into a wrestling match. Actually, I grabbed my phone to capture a sweet hug, but by the time I caught a picture it was this. Just goes to show you've got to be on your toes around here.

This was before our FHE temple excursion - Millie asked if we were going to the temple where Tyler and I got married, so I pulled out the temple book and all the other temple paraphernalia we had lying around to show her. Not sure how we ended up being on the kitchen floor, but oh well. She loved looking through it all and couldn't believe how many there are. She was especially interested in the temples where people she knew had been married, so we went through all of those. I love those moments when she's so eager and excited to learn!

Millie is such a fun big sister and leader. She totally reminds me of my sister Steph in a lot of ways, always being the ringleader of the fun. Max is most excited to see her when he wakes up and he'll follow her all around the house.

We sure love this Millie girl.

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