Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little things

Letter M chocolate chip pancakes

A little daddy-daughter date to CVS to pick up a redbox turned into this

Max used to be deathly afraid of balloons, now he won't play with anything else!

Millie was writing on this magnadoodle, muttering about "checking my e-mails." Can you tell mommy's new calling is very e-mail-intensive??

There's a new Wal-Mart near Gigi and Poppy's house that we were excited to try one day after going to the library

Max approves of the flavor of our new mulch!

We went with Grammy, Gigi, and Heidi to see the new Cinderella last week! Millie loved it, and I wrestled Max the whole time. I should have gotten a picture of everyone there, but I did snap one after to document her outfit. She wore the hat the whole time! Funny girl. 

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