Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Treat yo' self"

We finally had a weekend together! Busy season is not officially over yet, but Tyler got to come home early on Friday AND he didn't have to work on Saturday and Sunday. First days off this year! So we declared it "treat yo' self" day/weekend. Parks and Rec fans know what we're talking about. We ended up with an iPad Mini, a TV and Roku for our room, two nightstands, pink cookies, and green ice cream. Can you guess who picked which items? Basically everything but the cookies and ice cream were things we have been looking at and waiting to buy for a long time. It was funny that we ended up with them all in a very short amount of time.


Millie was so nice to read the instructions to Daddy. They mostly consisted of "pwess pway."

Trip to Ikea for the nightstands. I'll be hacking the Rast soon!

2 kids = man-to-man parenting

Fancy party with the pink cookies. What a great weekend!

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