Monday, March 9, 2015

Operation: Finish Projects

The irony about the title of this post is that it has been sitting in my drafts since October! Love it.

I have a way of getting super-excited about stuff. I love the beginning of things. I set lots of goals and start many projects, but my problem is follow-through! Time to sell/donate what I don't use or need, finish things I've started, and organize the rest. 

First up was this wreath. I saw one like it at Target (this was a year ago) and decided instead of paying $20 for it I'd make one! Finally, 7 months later, I finished it. Just in time to... store it for next year.

Mom helped me finish this skirt I started in July. It's so cute and has an exposed zipper in the back that I really like. 

I saw this garland on Pinterest and had all the paper set aside to do it while with my family in Lufkin for Thanksgiving last year! It was finally up at Christmas this year.

I've wanted to make curtains for the family room and turn the coffee table to an ottoman for a long time, and I finally did it! But definitely not by myself. Enter my expert-at-everything mother!

And my daughter who wanted to help. She even marked on the curtains for me! So helpful! Sense my sarcasm?? Luckily it was pencil and it erased pretty easily. I learned my lesson and gave her a piece of scrap fabric to do whatever she wanted to do.

Doing the grommets was my favorite part. Really easy with a nice result!

I'm considering adding two more panels, but we'll see how this is for a little while.

Turning this coffee table into an ottoman will get its own post, because I took a lot of pictures of the process!

It feels good to get some things actually finished!

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