Saturday, July 18, 2015


I finally switched out some pictures in my instawall. It is still a little Millie-heavy, but it's fun to have new ones to see!

Not sure what to do with the old pics... In having a hard time throwing them away. Maybe I'll make my own version of a chat book? I don't know.

We had a fun YW activity last week. The girls tie dyed T-shirts for our annual river trip. My shirt looks awesome (below on the right). I'm so thankful for the awesome women I get to serve with who are so helpful and fun!

We brought AJ to the library with us last week. I got to look for books for the kids while he read to them. Everybody won.

Coloring lately means that I get to draw some kind of picture for Millie to color. It's really too bad I'm terrible at drawing. It also means I have tokeep a super close eye on Max because he thinks eating crayons is funny. It isn't.

Millie is having fun with the magnet letters we found in the dollar section at Target.

Family scripture study on the trampoline (well, half of us on the trampoline. Max wasn't having it).

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Samantha Van Noy said...

The library is seriously the most stressful place! My boys always think they are dying while I try to look for books with them in the stroller. And of course eating crayons is funny! Playdough is funny too. Kids.