Saturday, July 18, 2015

Little things

The best way to keep them in the cart for longer than 2.5 seconds is a slurpee.

She decorated her castle with a necklace! I love the things she comes up with.

Love at home. Or something.

I was shooting them with water guns and they had so much fun. It is deathly hot lately, we are melting!

Monka brought us Sarah's old dresser and Millie loves it. I love not having to hang all of her clothes! We rearranged her room to make it fit and it has inspired me to finish decorating it. So check back in about a year and maybe we will be there, haha.

Love those two bed heads.

It still cracks me up when he climbs up to eat whatever Millie didn't finish.

They have been so snuggly lately.

When Millie and I are sitting on the couch, Max will often come wiggle in between us. Makes us laugh every time.

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Sharon said...

What a fantastic dresser! And adorable snuggly kids! :)