Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 4th weekend

On July 1, I went with the youth to the temple. They found and brought their own family names and it was a really special day! I love these kids. Even though we lost the contest with the YM and will have ice water dumped on us in a couple weeks... Oh well.

On Thursday we surprised Poppy at work and took him to lunch to celebrate Father's Day. (I know, in July. We are real winners)

 After lunch at Mod Pizza (whenever anyone comes to visit I will take you there... Just so I have a reason to go haha) and grabbing some cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes (same story here), we went to the outlet mall. 

Making a wish!

On Friday we had an appt at the Apple Store because the battery on our Mac was expanding and opening the computer. Not right. Tyler got that fixed (meaning, they took out the battery and now we use it plugged in only. That computer is so old it wasn't worth buying a new battery) while I took the kids to the play place.

Millie got tackled like a football player by some crazy kid so we left and played on other toys and watched people ice skate.

Playing ice cream truck - I had to "pay" $7 for that cone! 

That evening AJ came to spend the night with us. We played outside, Millie got to have a glass tea party with AJ, and we did an Insanity workout with him after the kids went down (wow, we are lame! Poor AJ)! In the morning Millie, AJ, and Tyler went on a donut run. We did a few errands and then got to see the Taylors and meet baby Oliver!!

We totally didn't plan the outfits.

We spent the evening with the Morris family. They were so nice to have us over. The food was delicious and we had fun swimming and playing. (So much fun that Tyler's ring flew off his finger while catching a pass! Couldn't find it!) 

We took our pyrophobic kids home for bed before the fireworks got too crazy. Maybe one day they'll love them!

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