Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dude Ranch 2015

{Really it's the Juergens Family Reunion, but we all call it the dude ranch}

We had been looking forward to this year's trip since the last one in 2013! The fact that all of Tyler's siblings were there (first time in 5-ish years that no one has been on a mission) made it even better.

The drive to the Flying L was rainy, of course. Unfortunately that just set the stage for the rest of the week! But we still got to have lots of fun outside and inside. 

Thursday: We checked in and went straight to the water park for an hour until it closed. After dinner we watched Makin' Dust perform, played outside, and made s'mores.

Friday: Our horse ride got rained out, but we spent the morning playing games. The weather cleared up in the afternoon, so Tyler took Millie swimming and I stayed with Max while he napped. In the evening I put the kids down while Tyler went to watch the trick roper show and then we switched and I got to go play games with everyone for a while.

I should have been more prepared with inside activities for the kids... I'll know for next time!

Saturday: Tyler golfed in the morning, Millie went to kid camp and got to ride a pony(!!), I rode horses with a few others in the rain, we got cleaned up and took family pictures, and dinner at Ghost Town.

Sunday: One last yummy breakfast, packing, and driving home!

We drove by the San Antonio temple on our way home. The gates weren't open, but it was pretty anyway!

I think he liked the Oreo.

Millie asked me to take a picture of her too.

And that was it! It was a great week. I made a little video of the week too:

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Darren Lanphere said...

I wouldn't correct your title, Cam! It is indeed a Family Reunion that happened to be at a Dude Ranch! And you mentioned that you were looking forward to the trip since 2013? I would definitely feel the same too! The whole family looked like they were having the time of their lives at the ranch! I am so glad that you took the time out to take pictures. Trust me; after 5-20 years, this photos will bring great memories to you and your loving family. I hope to read more of your adventures! Have fun!

Darren Lanphere @ MirrRanchGroup.com