Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beat the heat

Here are some things we're doing lately besides swimming. I haven't been taking my phone to the pool with us lately so I document that less, but we're going just about every day (besides Sunday, of course).

Millie likes to make letters and numbers out of food or play-doh.

Max thought playing football with a wet diaper was fun...? He got weirdly attached and screamed when I threw it away. 

We love the coloring pages that come in The Friend magazine!

Millie loved it when our neighbors/cousins came over to play.

The only downer to her occasional naps is that she has a really hard time falling asleep at night! 

And of course the library. We have been going about once a week, but not to story time. Millie always says, "I don't want that lady to read me books. I just want to pick new ones myself."

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