Monday, November 14, 2016

Baby prep

It's getting real folks! 37 weeks below. This was before heading to a doctor's appointment. Millie asked me where I was going and after I told her, she asked why I looked so fancy! Haha I guess my normal at-home attire (leggings and one of Tyler's T-shirts) isn't impressing her.

I've been looking for a dresser for a long time and have finally found a solution! The available space in the baby's room is really weird and small since we also have our old queen bed in there (guest bed) and there are two doors into the room. Instead of investing in a nice piece of furniture that possibly wouldn't fit well in any other space, we got two Ikea Rasts. Cheap and small and perfect! So I painted and assembled them last week. The kids love painting with me.

Assembling furniture at almost 38 weeks pregnant. Doesn't get much cuter than that.

Other things 

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