Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween (weekend) 2016

The kids went back and forth on costumes so many times this year! Since last Halloween Millie was planning to be "the real Cinderella," which I was thrilled about since we already had the dress. But of course a few weeks before she started wanting to dress as everything else. Max was planning to be Buzz Lightyear after Sharon gave him the awesome outfit, but once Millie started spouting off ideas he of course followed suit. I was pleasantly surprised they wanted to coordinate and be Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I thought I had had my one year of matching costumes and was ready to let them choose their own. Love these little buddies.

I didn't do anything crazy for these costumes - pretty much everything I bought can be used again as regular clothes, so I guess it's not a true costume, but oh well.

We had our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday. The kids were so excited! Max loved all the carnival-y games and Millie loved the inflatable obstacle course.

I think this was the most hot and uncomfortable I've ever been in my entire life. Everyone was sweating and it was pretty miserable out there! But thanks to my massive umbrella and my Yeti (of course), I survived. I was going to delete this picture since it's pretty unflattering, but what is flattering at 36 weeks pregnant?? Plus, my Pumpkin Smuggler shirt was awesome.

Tyler took the kids around to trunk or treat and I passed out candy. I felt so bad that everything was so melted after being in the hot car for 2 hours! Hopefully everyone did what we did and put their candy in the fridge for a while once they got home. 

On Halloween we woke to some awesomely eery fog. It was so dense that we came back from our walk to find little water droplets all over our hair and eyelashes!

We went to Monka's since the Westons were going to be there. The kids had fun playing with cousins and this was the only pic I got. Max and Briggs played so well together. The kids did some Halloween sticker pictures and we had lunch and Halloween sugar cookies.

We got to bring Tyler home with us (so fun that his work is so close to Monka and Ampa's house!) and then we ate a quick dinner before trick-or-treating. 

Everyone in our neighborhood sits in their driveways to pass out candy, so I went over to Sharon's driveway and we got to visit while the kids went around.

Trick-or-treating is hard work!

After the kids were done in our neighborhood we went to see Gigi, Poppy, Heidi, James, and Wes. Poppy took them around for a bit too (while Tyler and I enjoyed Gigi's yummy soup!) and we all had lots of fun.

Our last stop each year is Nana and Botz's house. They had special treats ready for us which was so thoughtful. We enjoyed visiting and got the kids to bed way too late! Still paying for that 2 days later! Oh well. It was a fun and memorable Halloween.

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