Saturday, November 19, 2016


I really wanted to take the kids out for a one-on-one date before the baby was born. My opportunity with Max came when Millie went to play at a friend's house. We went to Target and wandered the toy aisles for a bit and then went to McDonald's for lunch. It was so fun spending time with just Max! I kind of adore him!

Trying not to be offended that his first order of business on our date was to fall asleep. Haha

As we were leaving McDonald's an employee gave Max a free ice cream cone, just because. His cuteness gets him all kinds of free stuff! 

Tyler wanted to arrange my date with Millie, which was super sweet. He surprised us with a manicure and pedicure! We went to a cute place Millie has always been curious about. They have a pink limo for parties so automatically it's awesome.

The funny thing about it was that it's a kids place! Which we didn't know until we got there. But at that point Millie was nervous to do it herself and I felt silly backing out, so I climbed my almost-38-weeks-pregnant self onto the bench next to my 4 year old and got a pedicure! The girl kept saying things like, "Wow, you fit in there!" And "I've never had a customer older than 12 before!" So I felt super awesome.

But honestly, even though I felt silly it was really fun to do that with Millie. She felt super special and was so excited. Plus, it was nice to have my toes painted for me! 

We had a couple spectators too.

And our last family-of-four date. Our kids love IHOP!

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