Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October catch up, part 2

More catching up.

We still have to find shade to survive the heat most days. I believe the kids were having a "campout" here.

Max has recently figured out the pedaling motion and I love watching him ride his bike!

We got to see some cousins a couple weekends ago. The Webbs live in TX now so little get-togethers like this will be more frequent! We're so excited!

A Sunday evening walk in the almost-dark.

The beginning of baby boy's blanket. The colors are navy, gray, and white (not black like it looks in the pic).

Bubble wars. It's really not fair since Max can't blow straight in front of him to save his life! It's kind of hilarious.

Doodling on the patio instead of paper. She loves to write random letter combinations and then ask me what it spells.

Halloween games at gymnastics. Millie was so excited to have another reason to wear her costume!

I came out of the shower to find Millie writing a sweet note to Max. 

Max wanted to share his favorite toys with baby brother and insisted I put them on my tummy. Hopefully he's this into sharing several months down the road!

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