Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Catching up October

Not sure how I got so behind here, so I'm just throwing up these pictures and doing my best to remember why I took them! haha

Watching Millie do gymnastics is so fun!

Max decided he HAD to borrow this Lego info book from the library. Why??? I don't know. But he was pretty into it for the 2 weeks we had it. He insists that he wants Legos for Christmas now.

Some sand from the sand/water table ended up on the ground and they had just as much fun playing in it down there! And yes our backyard is usually a mess. It's just not a super priority right now.

A goofy picture before bed.

After driving around some garage sales one Saturday morning (we were looking for a dresser), Tyler wanted to show the kids his elementary school.

Then we went to Goforth Park. Tyler and Millie rode/ran around the lake, Max and I stayed at the playground. I had had my tdap vaccine the day before and felt pretty awful that day so luckily Max was happy to play by himself while I watched from a bench.

Millie enjoyed a caramel/chocolate covered apple after eating her dinner. She's making great progress eating! Rewards are huge incentive with our kids and we are taking full advantage of that.

I also enjoyed one, from the comfort of my ball. I'm on this thing a lot these days!

Cousin time. 

Avoiding his potato casserole. That's Max by the way. 

Millie drew a picture of her and Tyler fishing. I love her art!

I made some pants and a hat for baby boy! Next time I'll try to line up the stripes better but I was pretty proud of myself for even doing it.  

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