Monday, December 5, 2016

1 week with 3 kids

We had a nice first week with Harvey home. Tyler was home with us and I was so grateful!! He kept Millie and Max busy while I took care of Harvey and rested.

Home from the hospital!

A Harvey burrito

Trying the football hold on a fussy night. He liked it!

Millie loves her baby brother so much! She asks to hold him all the time.

Park-hopping. Above: the new treehouse park. 

They went to 3 parks in one day!!

Grammy came by!

Heidi, James, and Wes came over too. Heidi made us dinner and we watched the BYU game.

These three made up a fun Christmas game. They took turns being Santa and reindeer. They'd run back and forth between our two Christmas trees, delivering presents!

Our three (!!!) kids.

Millie and Max love to give Tyler running hugs and knock him over, even outside.

One week old!

Tyler took the big kids fishing and they had so much fun!

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