Saturday, December 31, 2016

After Christmas fun

We had fun celebrating Garrett's and Mitchell's birthdays on the 27th. We walked to the park, played games, and ate at Jerrybuilt. Amazing.

Funny story: for some reason Max had a hard time warming up to McKenna and Shayna while they were here. I asked Max about it once when we were in the car and he said, "They're afraid of me." He kills me!

We had so much fun playing Code Names with everyone we could this Christmas!

Other random pictures:

New swing from Gigi and Poppy. He loves it!

Amusing outfit choice.

Tyler took Millie and Max on a date (separately) and snapped these cute pics. Our kids are so lucky to have such a fun dad who takes them out for one-on-one time!

Max was having a meltdown and then fell asleep in Tyler's arms. I love my boys!

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