Monday, December 26, 2016

Light the World

We loved participating in the Church's Light the World initiative. With a newborn I wasn't up for a lot of our fun traditions and I wasn't sure which things to pick, so when I heard about this I knew it was my answer and that this should be our focus. We certainly weren't perfect and didn't do something every day, but when we did it was so great. We will definitely keep this tradition! I captured a few things to remember this time.

Millie drew a beautiful nativity to share with some family.

She also made a nice card for me and for Tyler.

We went through our toys and they picked lots of things to donate. Good lesson for them and a good way to clean out before Christmas!

We took chili and rice to the missionaries.

The kids helped rake the leaves. I forgot to get a picture when Max was out but he helped also!

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