Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas break-ing

It has been so fun to have Tyler home with us! He needed to use some vacation and between that and holiday time he is taking off 2 weeks for Christmas. We took him with us to gymnastics and Millie loved showing off her stuff!

And it was nice to have a hand with the boys while watching.

On Tuesday we went to an early showing of Moana. We loved the music! Harvey did very well in his first movie theater experience.

We went to Denny's that night for dinner and Max helped Millie finish her pancake (after eating his own meal).

Max loved that his meal came with apples and that he got red AND green. Easy to please that one.

The kids and I went to Monka and Ampa's house to watch the bowl game since Tyler was gone (more on that later). We were spoiled with yummy treats and a great time!

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