Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

We were lucky to get both our families in town for Christmas this year! 

Dec. 23 & 24 were with the Juergens crew. It was so special to have everyone together! We had family pictures taken, went to Escape The Room, played lots of games, ate tons of yummy food, went to Grammy's for Christmas Eve with the Wichmanns, and enjoyed being together.

Tyler took these on his new phone! Love that camera!

We slept at our own house that night. Well, some of us did. Tyler and I were up way into the morning cleaning, unpacking and repacking, making breakfast for Christmas morning, and waiting for Santa.

The kids had gone to bed late too so they didn't wake up as early as normal. In fact, we needed together moving so I opened their doors and made noise in the kitchen to slowly wake them up! They were so excited to see what Santa brought.

Max asked for Toby (from Thomas the Train). He got that and a track to race his motorized trains.

Millie got Ashlyn, an American Girl doll. 

We packed everything in the car and drove to my cousin's house where my family was staying. We ate breakfast (which I was in charge of this year - we had Gretchen's delicious breakfast casseroles and monkey bread) and opened presents. My parents' ward was at 11 and we loved hearing my dad speak and share his Christmas story he wrote several years ago. We came back and got to have a Google hangout with Sarah! The rest of the day was spent playing games and eating.

Eva got a mannequin head for Christmas to practice braiding and doing hair, and I couldn't resist braiding a bit myself! It was so fun!

We woke up on the 26th to Millie not feeling well, so we took her home and spent the day watching movies and sleeping.

It was a great Christmas! I loved having a new baby during this season. Newborns bring a sweet, peaceful feeling anyway but it was extra-special for me to slow down and think of the birth of our Savior. 

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