Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas fun

We had a fun day at Monka's house with the Weston kids. She had wooden ornaments for us and the kids had so much fun painting them!

Instead of a gingerbread house kit, we got gingerbread trains! And we opted for a 2D experience and saved ourselves a lot of frustration. No one minded a bit.

Making popcorn to watch the First Prrsidency Christmas Devotional.

I loved having a new baby at Christmas to snuggle with under the tree! 

We've had these little cone trees for a couple years, but this year the kids named them Mitchell and Mitchy and played with them all the time! It was hilarious.

We drove around River Oaks and I loved hearing the kids squeal over the beautiful lights. I kept our list of Christmas must-dos really short this year but was so glad we did this!

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