Thursday, July 10, 2014

A day at The Woodlands

We spent the day with Grammy (and the rest of the Juergens crew) in The Woodlands on Wednesday the 2nd. We got a bit of a late start because we had our bug guy come and I got my hair cut, but we met up with everyone for lunch at Jerry Built. It's still my favorite burger ever! And, hello, their Blue Bell shakes. Wow. We then had to go to the mall and do our usuals - the pet store and the carousel. It was fun to have the Garrett, McKenna, and Mitchell along!

Looks about right.

My haircut. It's a little too sweet/little-girl-ish for me, but oh well.

Millie is always unsure of the carousel until about halfway through, when she exclaims, "I DO wike the horses!"

Mitchell rode too and gave us quite the performance, just like he did in November at the Provo Beach Resort. Hilarious.

Millie loves McKenna!

It was all fun and games until this puppy started chewing on her shoes... and then her foot. She stood there and screamed and made no attempt to get away from the dog. I couldn't help but laugh!

Max's first time at Grammy's!

Millie loved "cooking" with McKenna. They made cookies and a cake, with the oven being under the couch.

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