Monday, July 7, 2014

Blue Bell factory tour

Crossed another item off of the summer bucket list! We caravanned [is that a word??] out to Brenham- poor Mitchell was stuck in our car on uncle duty. He kept Max and Millie happy the whole way there.

They've made some major changes at the factory! It looks awesome and accommodates more people now. We loved the tour, especially the free ice cream at the end. I tried a new flavor called Magic Cookie Bar, and it did not disappoint! Millie of course wanted pink, so she had strawberry and ended up with one pink pigtail. Tyler stuck with a classic- Mint Chocolate Chip. Mmm- I could go for some more right now!

Uncle Gare!

We love Blue Bell! Also, for memory's sake, here are some of our previous tours.

Almost 6 years ago, one of our first dates!

Just realized Tyler wasn't here for this one, but it was with his family as part of the reunion. I was barely pregnant with Millie, so I guess about 3 years ago. Crazy how things change!

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