Saturday, July 12, 2014

Little things lately

On our way to the Astros game, we hear from the backseat, "Daddy! Dodo fell asleep!" Sure enough, he did.

We got a spray fan recently and Millie is obsessed with it! She tried to spray this duck to get him to get in the water. "Go swim, ducky!"

3 blowouts on the 4th of July. Makes me think Max will be into other explosives when he's older. Also, his arms aren't disproportionately small, as they appear to be here.

Millie decided to put on her "glass slippers," lay on the floor, and put her comforter in a heap on top of her during her nap and fell asleep that way. To each her own, I guess!

Uncle Mitchell (Dodo) and Millie are backseat buddies

She put a diaper on herself when I refused one day. This girl is determined to never poop in the toilet!

Eyeing this rug for Max's room

I got to help weed at the Temple grounds the other day with our YW. Hottest 3 hours ever, but one of the most beautiful views ever too!

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