Monday, July 7, 2014

A night at the Astros, again!

We tried to squeeze in lots of fun stuff while Garrett, McKenna, and Mitchell were here. We went to an Astros game Monday evening! Poppy got us cool shirts and we went a little early to eat. It was such a fun evening. Millie finally got the hang of saying, "Go Astros!" instead of "Go Cougars!" which was all she would say before. Max was a little more awake this time and a little more tolerant of the noise. We were sitting pretty close to third base and we were nervous about foul balls coming our way. Mitchell caught one! Someone hit the foul ball pole during the 2nd inning, which means you can take your ticket to Chik-Fil-A the next day and get a free sandwich. A guy proposed to his girlfriend on the Kiss Cam too! This game had it all. We had a great time.

These guys were getting in the spirit of the evening with a little therapy equipment baseball at Poppy's office before we left. Mitchell was cracking us up, as usual!

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Lindsay said...

Just caught up on a bunch of new posts! I love seeing your blog. You look incredible--as usual! And please tell Max to stop growing up until his Aunt Lindsay can come snuggle him and chew on those thighs! :) Glad you guys are having such a fun summer. Eat some more blue bell for me!