Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Little things

Harvey's little half-smile is one of my favorite things!

Enjoying some time outside. 

I want to remember the way he tries to lean back and look around while I'm burping him.

Max has a wet head a lot of the time... he is usually running around and it's warm so he is often a sweaty boy and that is the first place he sweats! He thought it would be funny to rub his wet, sweaty head all over Millie one day. She was laughing luckily. I can't believe how naturally boys do this stuff!

That is one relaxed baby.

Checking out a ginormous ant hill. 

Those cheeks get chubbier every day!

Love these kiddos.

Harvey gets more and more smiley all the time!

Millie moved up a level in swimming and her instructor recommended that we do an evening class so she can have other people in her class and be able to watch and learn from them too. So now she swims Wednesday evenings. Not ideal, but oh well. She is in the big pool now too! There are two boys in her class and they're much older. It's fun to watch her keep up with them.

I love my boys!

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