Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year's Eve/Day

NYE we took it pretty easy. Millie still wasn't feeling 100%. Tyler was given tickets to the Rockets game for that night! We were going to go as a family but Harvey is still fussy in the evenings and Millie wasn't up to going so Tyler went with his parents and AJ. It ended up being a big game for the Rockets and they had a fun time!

The kids and I had a movie night and they went to bed. Tyler got home in plenty of time to have some Martinelli's and a kiss to ring in the new year.

We moved to 9:00 church this year! It felt a little abrupt after a late night but we made it. Gigi and Poppy were so nice to have us over for lunch and Gigi made my favorite dessert - brownies and ice cream. Max was super cranky but then turned on the charm and was cracking us up during dessert! I can't get enough of this kid.

I had some helpers to blow out the candles. Feeling old!

We went for a walk later in the afternoon. The kids were up ahead with Tyler and I was pushing Harvey in the stroller and I just looked at all of them and felt so blessed. 28 is looking pretty great!

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