Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Millie's 5th birthday party

Millie asked for an "aminal" birthday party! I'm not great at throwing elaborate parties (for example: last year we invited friends to the McDonald's play place for cupcakes haha) but Millie was really happy with how it all went. We had her friends come to our park where we brought animal shaped snacks, some animal masks, and cupcakes. It was super windy and we had several plates of snacks blow away, but other than that the weather was great. I love that we could have a party outside in January! The kids had so much fun playing and I enjoyed visiting with the other moms. Millie ran up to me several times to say it was the best birthday ever! I'd call that a success!

Harvey was an angel and hung out/slept in the stroller for a lot of the time we were there!

Max found a little friend too. The other kids were way too busy playing to eat their cupcakes but these two totally enjoyed theirs!

We said no gifts but most brought one anyway. Millie is so lucky to have such sweet friends!

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