Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weekend adventures

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

Gigi and Poppy were so nice to watch the kids while Tyler and I went to the temple on Saturday morning. 

They always have so much fun with Gigi and Poppy!

When we got back Tyler headed home to work and the kids and I stayed to play some more. We met up with Charlee and her kids and Janet. Heidi and James came over too and we all had fun at the park and playing inside.

Max is scared of the ducks (and rightfully so, they are a little too comfortable with people!) but luckily Gigi was there to hide behind and keep him safe.

Fun to finally get these babies together!

Griffin and Harvey are just a few days apart (Griffin came 5 weeks early). Also, this may be my favorite picture of Harvey ever.

Another walk that involved the kite on Sunday. 

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