Sunday, May 21, 2017

A week without Dad

Tyler doesn't have to travel very much. This is a huge blessing, until he actually does travel and I'm not great at being without him. It always turns out fine but requires a lot of mental pep talks to myself haha. Anyway, he went to California a couple weeks ago and we tried to stay busy.

We can do this!

Some super cute bedhead. It's hard to see Harvey's hair in pictures because it's so light but you can actually tell he has some here.

2 of the women I visit teach are having babies this summer (and my companion just had one! Babies galore). We get to babysit for doctor's appointments sometimes. 

On his last date with Dad, Max kept saying he wanted a burger. Correction: he wanted a booger, but we all knew he meant burger! So when Sharon told me kids meals are $1.99 after 4pm at the new Wendy's just down the road from us, we decided to make a date of it with our kids since both of our husbands were out of town. Max got his "booger" and newsflash, prefers nuggets. But we sure had fun with our friends/cousins.

Until disaster struck. Can you spot it??

Thank goodness for friends who teach you how to build the kids meal toys!

I also whipped out my mom's sewing machine while Tyler was gone. I was sewing for several nights because I'm super slow, but eventually had some fun results. One of Tyler's old shirts had holes along the collar, so I turned it into a little dress for Millie! I just laid down one of her dresses as a pattern and made up the bell sleeve. It turned out a bit small but I made her wear it to church that Sunday anyway haha.

Above: luscious lips! Below: a fort and a flashlight entertained them for a good while. 

Watering the yard every evening. Someday we'll fix our sprinkler system, but for now we enjoy getting outside and sometimes getting wet before bed.

One of the big benefits of bottle feedings is that big sisters can help!

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