Monday, May 8, 2017

The rest of April

I hope he never lets go of his feet! This stage is adorable.

Documenting the never-ending lunch. Can't remember what it was now that was holding her up, probably carrots. I do remember that she sat there for 2.5 hours though! Girlfriend is stubborn!

But she is also super helpful. We were at the store and taking longer than anticipated (of course) and Harvey was getting restless and wanted to be held. I couldn't push the cart and grab stuff and hold him, so Millie volunteered to hold him. She hopped in his seat and held him the rest of the time! It was so sweet. I'm going to miss this helpful girl when she goes to kindergarten.

I just adore this boy. Not sure if he could see me or if he was looking at his reflection but I'll take it either way.

Harvey loves his vegetables! Squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas are his favorites. He gobbles them up.

We had a fun lunch to celebrate Sharon's birthday! These fun ladies were so sweet about me taking along the kids and the kids mostly behaved. Max ate his own mini pizza which was so cute.

We can't go to that area without playing around at the boardwalk! And it was a super beautiful day. I loved letting the kids run around and snuggling with Harvey.

This book is really good so far. Unfortunately I am not great at audiobooks and my 2 weeks with this were up before I finished it. I'm currently on the waiting list to get it from the library again so I can finish it.

Harvey is quite the mover these days. I love finding him in random places like under the ottoman! He rolls like crazy and does this inchworm/army crawl thing.

We went to our friend's apartment complex pool and I loved this little view.

Tyler volunteered at the MS150 and had a fun morning there with a couple of friends.

We went out to dinner as a family. Gift cards are the best but just don't stretch as far now that the kids actually want to eat!

I am Harvey's human chew toy. Don't mind it at all!

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