Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day weekend

Tyler got home Friday night and the kids were so excited to see him! They gave him his birthday presents when they woke up Saturday morning, since his birthday was on Thursday while he was gone. 

And then, in true Tyler fashion, he had spent the week of his birthday thinking about what to do for me for Mother's Day. Saturday included a massage and haircut for me! First haircut in almost 2 years. It was super sweet of him and so nice to relax for a while.

Above is the before and below is the after, though hopefully that is obvious!

Harvey "helped" me prepare my lesson for Sunday.

Tyler offered to let me sleep in on Mother's Day but that's kind of hard with 9:00 church. I did have him take some pictures of me and the kids though and I love them. If you can't tell by my crazy amounts of blog posts, I'm afraid of forgetting these crazy and happy times. I want to remember motherhood at this stage and these adorable kids and my relationships with them. I just love them all so much.

Being their mother is one of my greatest blessings! I hope to be worthy of it.

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Marissa Anderson said...

OK the pics are profesh and so gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day :)