Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catching up

April was kind of a weird month. We had lots of fun stuff going on but also lots of sickness. It felt like at least one of us wasn't feeling 100% for a lot of the month, so we had lots of quiet days at home.

Max loves to show Harvey his favorite stuff. I can't wait to see them grow up and become best buds.

Just posing super cute.

Millie loves to climb and jump and crawl all over every surface of the house (thank you gymnastics). She talks about wishing she was a gecko so she could have sticky feet and walk on the ceiling! So funny. 

I got some bath crayons and loved to see how different Millie's and Max's drawings were.

Millie woke up and declared the day a sick day and set up camp on the couch. She didn't seem to bee very sick but a few days later we learned it was hand foot and mouth! Yikes!

Harvey is now sleeping in his crib! It needed to happen (he wasn't sleeping well in the pack 'n' play anymore) but those first few nights I really missed him.

And he's also in that super grabby phase. He particularly loves to suck on my Yeti when I'm drinking and I love it.

Watching Moana the other day, we got to this part and Millie said "It's like Tafiti has Cheeto fingers but they're green!" I laughed so hard.

Max was just killin' me with cuteness. And desperately needed a haircut.

A little dancing time in the dancing room.

We rode bikes/ran around the lake at Goforth Park and the kids loved stopping at all the little exercise stations.

The biking and exercising tuckered this cute boy out. Also, why do boys always get the best eyelashes??

We were going through all of our toys and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Millie was a little unhappy with how liberally I was throwing things in the donate pile and declared them all her favorite things again, even though she hadn't played with any of it in a long time. 

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