Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Outside fun

We've really lucked out with the weather in Houston lately. We didn't have much of a winter at all and it just stayed super nice, which made me worry we'd be hit with killer heat super early, but it has still been really nice! We are trying to take advantage of it just in case we lose it soon.

The kids and I are taking lots of bike rides lately. This one was to the park for a picnic, because we're working on eating closed-face sandwiches before kindergarten.

Harvey gets a little upset when I won't let him have a popsicle.

A fun afternoon at the splash pad.

Target got the kids ready for summer with sunglass in the dollar spot!

We took a walk to the park with Wes and Gigi. Millie is such a little mama and loved pushing Wes in the stroller.

We fed the ducks before walking back to Gigi's and this big guy followed us all the way there! Creepy!

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