Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend adventures

We lucked out this last weekend and Tyler was home with us on Friday night! So our weekend started Thursday night. Tyler took the big kids out for frosties and fries while I hung out at home with Harvey.

A funny text from Tyler while out with the big kids. Max is so funny sometimes.

Tyler needed his license renewed so we drove out to the DPS in a small town. I'd been there to renew my license a few years ago and it was super fast and not crowded, but apparently everyone else got off work on Friday morning and was there too! We were there an hour, which was still better than going to the place close to us.

Harvey had slept 12 hours the night before so we were all super happy about that!

Having a little snack outside the van while waiting for Dad.

After lunch we went to see Beauty and the Beast. The kids and I had already seen it but we had to go again to show Tyler! It's the best!

Millie wore this new dress from Gigi all weekend. It's so cute and I want it in my size!

Super flexible.

Saturday morning I wanted to get outside. We didn't have a ton of time but Tyler was so sweet to pump up all the bike tires so we could go for a little ride. It was Harvey's first time in the bike trailer! 

Max was so sweet to Harvey while we were riding and he feel asleep by the time we got back!

Next was Cy-Palooza! More coming in another post because there's lots more on that.

After that we went to Harris County Smokehouse with Gigi, Poppy, Both, Heidi, James and Wes to celebrate Tyler's and Wes's birthdays!

We also went to see Born in China (2 movies in one weekend! We were on a roll) which was so adorable. I loved it. We went to Gigi and Poppy's to hang out for a little while before heading home for baths and bedtime. Gigi got the kids some new summer clothes and these boys looked adorable in their matching jammies.

Of course then Millie requested a picture with Harvey, and how can I say no to that??

Max is learning to write some letters. E is my favorite. 

Falling asleep mid-meal. We did make it through but he was so tired!

Weekends are just the best.

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Marissa Anderson said...

that E is so adorable!! and of course falling asleep in the high chair! Love your little fam!