Thursday, April 2, 2015


Just found this in my drafts, written in November. Whoops!

- "Mom, I want some white yogurt." Me:"Anything else you want to say?" (looking for a please) Millie:"And some cheese crackers too."

- Me: "Millie, what should we have for dinner?" Millie: "How about some pumpkin chocolate chip pie?" Hilarious because this is not a pie I have ever made... not sure where she came up with that!

-"Daddy, I just want to be with you always!"

-"Mom, where's Best Buy?" and a few minutes later, "Mom, can I have some money?"

-She calls the fire alarm the "farm alarm" and asks frequently if it's going to go off again. It went off the other day when some pie filling dripped out of the pan and into the oven and it got smokey in the kitchen. She is one skittish little girl these days.

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Sharon said...

She looks so much more grown up now and it's only been a few months!