Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break, part 1

Busy season is over! This was the longest one yet. Tyler got some much-deserved time off and we tried to make the most of it. He and I sat down and made a big list of things we wanted to get done, fun and otherwise. But mostly we just wanted to be together! So really it didn't matter what we did.

Wednesday: Tyler was meeting some friends from work to play basketball, so the kids and I went to Monka's house so she could help me with my Easter dress. Tyler had fun playing basketball - they played at a cool outdoor park downtown-ish. Sewing was a bit of a disaster, in part because trying to do those things with children around is just silly, and in part because I chose beautiful but directional fabric that made cutting the skirt out a bit difficult. Thank goodness Mom was around - she found another pattern she had and we cut that out to use with the top of the dress pattern I bought. So funny. We actually ended up not sewing one seam, but oh well. We had a lazy afternoon. In the evening Max got his first haircut! Too many pictures of this, so they'll come in a separate post.

Thursday: jam-packed day. Tyler had an appt with an ENT to drain his ears, so we came and played in the waiting room. I got to "watch" HGTV while the kids played/entertained everyone else in the waiting room.

We came home for lunch and to play for a bit. I took a nap on the couch while Max was asleep, which was so nice! Tyler and Millie had a "glass tea party."

Once we all woke up we headed out to Sarah's school! She had her senior recital. Thanks to some crazy Houston traffic, we only got there in time for her last song. But it was a pretty great song! Sarah is so talented. The other girl who sang was good too.

After Sarah's recital we hurried back to the traffic to head to Top Golf! Tyler's team had an end-of-audit party. I'd never been to Top Golf before - it's a really fun place. The food was delicious! Millie loved golfing and Max loved walking around and getting in the way of all the servers. I think next time we'll leave the kids at home. But it was great to visit with Tyler's "other family." He has had a great team this year.

I'm sure Top Golf really appreciated the golf bag holder being used as a diaper bag holder/jungle gym.

"Mom, can we go yet?"

Friday: Got some shopping done at the outlet mall. I got a new diaper bag and a new church bag, both of which were desperately needed! Even these normal things are just so much more fun when we're all together. Also when there's another person to help with the kids.

Tyler found some new sunglasses and looks pretty darn good in them!

Max loves to tackle/slap you when you're lying on the ground. He must think it's an invitation to wrestle.

We saw a bunny in our backyard! We're pretty sure it was a friend of the Easter Bunny's, just making sure we were still being good. Or something - I make this stuff up as I go.

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