Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family fun Friday

Charlee and Delilah came into town and we were so excited to see them! We met them at a nearby elementary school for their fun run/fundraiser carnival. The girls had so much fun getting their faces painted, hair painted, and playing lots of fun carnival games. Max liked all the people-watching.

A little confused when Delilah dropped her pants for the picture... it was hilarious!

You really should have seen the bath tub afterwards. But it was totally worth it! We love it when we get to see the Taylors.

Another funny thing from Friday: it was kind of an insane day. I was making pizza for dinner, and I made enough to take to a family in our ward that just had a baby. I wasn't really sure how to deliver it, and I really didn't want to give them something they'd have to return. So, I cut a large circle out of a diaper box to put the pizzas on and covered them with foil. Maybe it was a little trashy - hopefully I didn't offend them - but hey, it worked!

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