Friday, May 22, 2015

A date at the races

We went on a fun date with Heidi and James over the weekend. We went to see some horse racing! I hadn't been to the Sam Houston Race Park since I was very little (any of my siblings remember 25 cent day??) and Tyler, Heidi, and James had never been! 

There was a lot going on, inside and out. It was a little peek into a world we knew nothing about, which was pretty fun. 

This is where the jockeys mount their horses - we would stand here and observe and pick who we thought would win. Within ourselves, of course - no betting for us.

Obviously, a very intense process.

Then we would go watch the race. Sometimes outside near the track, sometimes inside at a counter. It was really nice to have both options for when we got a little toasty.

I somehow picked the winner 3 times out of the 4 races we saw!! It was kind of hilarious. Beginner's luck or something. Below is one of "my" winners in the winner's circle. It's too bad I don't bet.

And lest you worry that the kids had no fun while we were off on a date... they had a great time! Thanks Gigi and Poppy!

It was a great day all around!

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