Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Houston Zoo

I've been trying to get to the zoo since we moved here 3 years ago! Somehow things always got in the way. This week we finally made it happen. The zoo has one free afternoon a month, which is awesome because it is usually really expensive, so we went on the free day. Gretchen took us up, for which I was so grateful! The weather was nice - a little rain here and there, but just enough to cool us off. Tyler happened to have a big deadline that morning so he was able to join us afterwards! Hooray!!

Had to stop by the cougar!

This orangutan was pretty crazy looking! He started walking around and I asked Millie, "What do you think he's doing?" She said, "I think he's watching a novie." There you have it.

We'd be looking at these incredible, exotic animals and instead of looking at them (or after), Millie always noticed the random bunny hopping through the enclosure, or a bird looking for food on the path, or a turtle swimming that wasn't part of the zoo. It was so funny. After a minute or two of looking at each animal, she'd say, "Okay guys, let's go see another aminal!" She's such a ringleader.

Of course, the animals moved right before the picture, making it look like we visited a very unwatered park. Or something. 

Max loved it. He loves animals so this was right up his alley. He'd point to them and yell, "Oh! Bah!" or he'd growl, because that's the sound most animals make if you ask him. He got so excited about every single one. 

Not a real giraffe. In case you were worried.

It was a pretty awesome day at the zoo!

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Marissa Anderson said...

That last pic of the giraffe looks stinkin' real! Fun day :)