Thursday, May 7, 2015

More lately-ness

I've realized that not very many of my blog posts really have a category or title. I just take a lot of pictures and have a compulsive need to record things and this is where it ends up - randomly piled into scattered blog posts. Anyway, on to the regularly scheduled programming - a miscellaneous photo dump.

Wrestling on the trampoline. I moved it into the shade and they love it! We have to sweep it off almost every time they want to get on because little sticks and leaves fall onto it all the time and Max will eat them, but oh well.

We typically have YW presidency meetings at my house, because I'm usually the only one with my kids with me. This week I got pretty frazzled trying to keep the kids under control while still running the meeting and I let Max have as many banana chocolate chip muffins as would keep him quiet. Not a good idea, since he's kind of allergic to bananas! Bad thing to forget. They just don't stay in him for long, so that's always fun to clean up. I also ended up with chocolate all over me. 

We got to have some yummy Bahama Bucks to celebrate Sharon's birthday. No one was sad about that, except Max because he had to share a sno cone with me.

Throwing sno balls afterward

Max was trying to stay outside but also watch 101 Dalmations with Millie! Funny boy.

I looked all over Pinterest for a chore chart I liked, but I never found one I liked enough to go to the trouble of printing it. Plus, when else would I get to draw such fabulous little pictures?? Millie is working hard to earn enough money for a bow and arrow set she has her eye on. 

Daddy can't even get out of the car before he is attacked with hugs and kisses.

My (early) Mother's Day gift! We were trying to figure out what to have for dinner (I am a meal planner but by Friday night I am pretty much fed up with cooking so we get creative) and somehow breakfast came up. We've wanted a waffle iron for so long but have never pulled the trigger! Anyway, we did it and made waffles that night. They were good but HUGE. Apparently those Belgians are hungry. 

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