Sunday, May 31, 2015

Little things

I posted this on Instagram, but this is what Millie gets when she asks for an Elsa braid (meaning, she wants it to come down the side).

Max used to be deathly afraid of the vacuum. I would have to hold him or he would just have to cry it out as I vacuumed! But the other day he stood in the way, growled, and threw toys at it. I was laughing so hard! This boy is so funny.

Millie is learning to stay in the lines a little bit. For some reason seeing this just made her seem so old to me!

Some things you don't even have to teach kids. When I was little I'd hang by that little handle - my siblings and I would call it "hunka punka."

She just looked so old and cute I couldn't help but take a picture while we were visiting at Gigi's. Also, Millie has been carrying snacks around in that purse a lot lately.

I caught quite a dramatic pose during Millie's dance show!

It just makes my heart so happy when Max entertains himself for a few minutes.

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