Friday, October 10, 2014

"But what do you DO all day?"

Sometimes I feel like I have to defend myself for being a stay-at-home-mom. I'm one whose self-esteem is at least partially tied to how much I can get done in a given day, and there are 2 small people who determine exactly that. Some days when asked "what did y'all do today?" I have a hard time answering. Not because we don't do anything, but because what I do doesn't really seem significant sometimes. "Well, I fed and clothed everyone constantly and kept our house from drowning in diapers." You know what I mean? I know that there's deeper meaning and importance behind it than that, but I'm not always confident enough to say it like it is and not be afraid of judgment from others.

A few weekends ago I was at a baby shower and someone (who is not a mother yet but plans to be a SAHM too) asked me what I do all day. But it came out like this: "So, I know you take care of your kids and stuff, but... like, what do you DO all day?" I don't even remember what I said. I tried not to get defensive. But it got me thinking... what DO I actually do? So I wrote it all down one day, almost down to the minute. It was a fun exercise! Nice to see where the minutes actually go. The day turned out to be really really busy, but really good too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5:47 - wake up to my alarm and get ready for my run
6:00 - meet Sharon outside and run!
6:40 - arrive home. This was a little earlier than usual, so I got to stretch and read my scriptures before the kids woke up
6:55 - Max wakes up and I nurse him and e-mail some pictures from Tyler's phone to myself
7:00 - Tyler leaves for work. I finish nursing Max and play with Max on the floor
7:15 - I jump in the shower and get ready for the day while Max plays in his bouncer seat
7:45 - I get Millie from her room (not sure why she slept in so long!), change Max's diaper, and get Millie breakfast
8:00 - I put Max down for a nap, eat breakfast
8:20 - Tyler calls and I make the bed and tidy our room while talking to him
8:35 - Max wakes up, I get Millie and Max dressed and do Millie's hair
8:50 - I feed Max and load both kids in the car
9:10 - We leave the house, I call Mom while we drive
9:25 - We arrive at the library, go to story time, return our books, and get new ones
10:18 - We leave the library and head home
10:30 - Get home and realize that Max has fallen asleep in the car. Instead of getting both kids out of the car, I just leave it running and grab my grocery list and a snack for Millie from inside. We head to the grocery store
10:55 - finally arrive at the store. We were stuck waiting for a train. It was actually nice because I wanted Max to sleep!
11:35 - drive home, unload and put away groceries, feed Max
12:00 - Get Millie lunch, make and print an agenda for my (last, sadly) YW Presidency meeting, and frantically clean the house
1:00 - put Millie down for a nap (2 books, 2 songs)
1:15 - put Max down for a nap
1:30 - a delivery man rings the doorbell and I silently pray that Max won't wake up. My ottoman foam came! Happiness
1:35 - Everyone comes over for our meeting. Max wakes up during it and Millie is singing in her room the whole time
3:00 - Meeting ends. I get Millie from her room, change Max's diaper and feed him, get Millie a snack
3:20 - I call Nana about some forms I had received in the mail that she apparently knew about, then ended up doing some research and calling the Harris County Appraisal District about a homestead exemption, then e-mailed my pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe to a friend
4:00 - We went to Sharon's and the kids bounced on the trampoline for a bit
5:00 - Grabbed the mail and went home, the Schiller kids came over to play for a little while
5:25 - Made dinner for and fed 5 hungry kiddos
6:20 - The Schillers left and I fed Max
6:40 - I ate dinner myself and cleaned the kitchen a little bit while waiting for Tyler to come home
7:05 - Left for a YW activity. Better late than never
8:20 - I arrive home and we have scriptures, I feed Max, sing to Millie, and put Max to bed
9:15 - I fill out a few tax forms while watching "Guess Who" with Tyler and fall asleep towards the end of the movie.

It would be interesting to do this on a less busy day to see what I fill my time with when it's not dictated for me, but I was happy to see that my day wasn't a waste! I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with our kids and do, well, whatever it is that I do.


Lindsay said...

Ugh I hate when people say stupid things like that. Only people that are not moms of young kids ask that! I wish I had a good, quick, confident response for whenever people say things like that. I've never thought of a blanket response though because what I do is different every day, and yet it's all the same old stuff at the same time :)

Ben, Charlotte, Troy, and Liam said...

What a great idea! I enjoyed reading the list. It truly is amazing how much time it takes to feed your kids everyday between meals and snacks. I've had friends ask that in true sincerity in wanting to know what they will be doing. It's easy to say the tasks but including my feelings about my children helps I think.