Monday, October 6, 2014

Max || 6 months

Max is just blowing our minds lately. He seems to have suddenly grown up. We can't believe he's already 6 months old!

His first swing at the park. He was padded by blankets on both sides but didn't love the experience!

Kind of caught a smile.

Sometimes it's still crazy to me that we have 2 kids!

He had his first solids about a week before his 6-month mark. Max has 4 teeth now and is quite the biter unless I feed him in the dark and total quiet, so let the weaning begin!

He has taken to it pretty well so far. Now if I can just get him to drink formula we'll really be in business.

 Max is getting to be really fast, and he follows me all around the house. And sometimes pulls on my pants.

Teething is rough. He has the two bottom centers and two on the top, the ones just outside the centers. Very weird.

A thrilling game of "Follow the Broom." 

Other things about Max:

-He is still very much a Mama's boy, and still very much a snuggler. I love it!

-I used to just rock or walk around with him in my arms until he was pretty much asleep and then lay him down, but he always fought sleep and it took a long time. One day I rocked him and sang a song to him, then lay him in his crib and left, and he went to sleep totally by himself! Some days are better than others, but we haven't had to "sleep train" at all like we did with Millie. It's so great.

-Max wakes up once in the night to eat, somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 usually. The earlier I put him to bed, the later he sleeps in. His daytime schedule is always changing thanks to teething, but we try to get at least one long nap in per day.

-He is quickly getting a competitive side - it's so funny to watch. Millie is still getting used to him being mobile and is always moving things away from him so he can't get to them. If there's something Max wants and he knows she's going to move it, he crawls so fast to beat her there. He's going to give Millie a run for her money!

-Max's 6 month stats: 
Weight: 19 lb 12 oz (85%)
Height: 28.5" (98%)
Head circumference: 17.95" (96%)

 We love our sweet Max!

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Kimberly said...

I can't believe he's already crawling around!! That's super early!! Your kids seriously do skip the first couple months of life. He's such a cutie. 6 months is a great mark to reach!