Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little things

Aunt Sheila sent some shoes home with Tyler, and Millie is obsessed. "Mom, they're FANCY shoes!!"

We were at Target and Max fell asleep in the stroller, so suddenly I wasn't in such a rush to leave. We wandered the isles and Millie was so excited about everything we saw, especially things with princesses. It was a fun, semi-one-on-one time with my Millie.

We're still working on sharing. Sometimes I find little surprises like this when Millie has friends over and there's something she wants to hide!

We met Charlee, Maggie, and Delilah at the park on Friday. We got to feed the ducks while we were waiting for them and they made Millie very nervous!

Daddy came home from work early and we didn't mind one bit!!

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